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January 4, 2021 PATIO

A Backyard Retractable Patio Awning Adds Value To Your Home

A roof like structure can be less expensive than building a porch by attaching a retractable patio awning canopy with little maintenance. The patio location should provide easy access to and from indoor kitchen areas so that the flow of people between is natural and direct without going through another room or space. This will be controlled by the welcoming location and size of the retractable awning relative to the chalet, flower garden and patio spaces.

Aluminum Patio Awnings

Aluminum Patio Awnings

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Indoor features such as sliding doors, French doors and kitchen placement will determine the access and location of the patio and retractable patio awnings and its enclosures to the house. The canopy comes in several standard sizes and a variety of patterns and colors. The canopy material is waterproof and blocks the sun’s UV rays and lasts for years if properly maintained. Most standard canopy opening and closing functions are made by a manual crank with a handle that throws away out of the area.

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There is retractable awning operational options for larger or custom made awnings that include an electric open / close control with or without an external and weather sensor awning when rain is detected. These options are costly, but perhaps offset by their ease of use. The beautiful retractable patio awning cover provides many benefits to home residents including protection from bad and rainy weather.

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