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March 21, 2021 GARAGE

Best Makeover Garage Organization Ideas

When your garage organization ideas are a chaotic combination of tools, toys, sporting goods, and auto parts, using space effectively is difficult. By performing a makeover of the organization in your garage, you can eliminate clutter and make the most of your space for storage, work or play.

Pictures of Organized Workshops

Pictures of Organized Workshops

Before beginning the organization of a garage, the Behr site advises that you place a new layer of paint and correct small holes in the walls. With a blank, blank canvas, seeing your newly organized items is easier. For an easy and effective way to move the elements out of the garage floor, install wall racks. Choose racks that fit large items that take up space around your garage. You might look for options that are designed to hang bikes or store sporting goods such as skis, snowboards and tennis rackets.

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If you use your garage to store tools, install a board to keep them in order. Start with a piece of cardboard sheet, which can be purchased at any home improvement store, and cut it to fit into a section of your garage wall. When you need to organize items that do not have a logical place, use hanging baskets that will provide order and get items off the floor. Look for sturdy, thick wire baskets that allow visibility of the elements inside. You can mount the baskets on the wall where they make sense for boots or toys. Put them on a level that can be easily reached by children.

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