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Building Backyard Paver Ideas

Backyard Paver Ideas – Backyard too often becomes a muddy mess in the winter. By installing an asphalt pavement, homeowners can ensure that the road to the garage is a safe, dry walkway. In addition, by using the family’s habitual path through the yard, the new path fulfills both form and function. This project may require several weekends to complete.

Admirable Backyard Paver Ideas

Admirable Backyard Paver Ideas

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Measure the width of the planned backyard. The minimum width for two people to walk comfortably or for wheelchairs is 36 inches. Backyard Paver Ideas plan calls for 8-inch-wide pavers, however, so the track will be 40 inches wide. In addition, measure the length of the pavement. Multiply the length by the width in inches and then divide by 12 to find surfaces of the backyard. Enter a square foot into an online calculator. Then set the size of paving stones, which in this case is 8-by-16 inches. The calculator will tell you the number of paving stones needed for the project. Add 10 percent to a total of allowable error judgments and mistakes.

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Mark the edges of the Backyard Paver Ideas with a garden hose or spray paint. Add 2 inches to the width to allow the bender card and inserts. Remove grass and soil to a depth of 8 inches with a shovel. Sprinkle with water to barely dampen the soil and tamp again. Pour 4 inches of gravel into the road, rake evenly over packed soil. Lightly sprinkle with water and tamp. Insert the Bender card along one side of the road, even with the existing ground. Point to bender Board stakes in the ground along the outer edge of the bender card. Measure the width of the runway and install the bender on the opposite side of the runway.

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