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September 4, 2020 PATIO

Building Custom Patios

Crushed granite is a cheap landscape material that inserts custom patios. It is suitable for light traffic such as patios and walkways and even entrances. If your budget allows, you can insert it with stone plate, dress up with shapes in more expensive colors of granite or even mix it with painted concrete patterns. Installed correctly, it will withstand weeds and need only additional granite every two to six years.

Covered Patio Bar

Covered Patio Bar

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12 Inspiration Gallery from Building Custom Patios

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Image of: Unusual Custom Patio
Image of: Traditional Custom Patio
Image of: Small Covered Patio
Image of: Skipping Patio Addition
Image of: Simple Patio Addition
Image of: Picture Custom Patio
Image of: Park Patio Addition
Image of: Original Custom Patio
Image of: Interest Patio Addition
Image of: Front Yard Patio Addition
Image of: Covered Patio Bar

Design your patio and measure the total area. Explain four inches of decomposed or crushed granite and calculate the total volume in cubic meters. Buy just over this amount from a garden store or rock farm. Measure the perimeter of your patio to determine how much steel or plastic edge you need. Keep in mind that you do not need edge where your patio meets an impenetrable surface such as concrete or brick or the home base. Most edges come in pre-cut lengths, so collect so that you have enough. Buy enough weed cloth to cover the area of ​​your patio plus 10 percent.

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Dig out four inches of soil from your patio. If you can, graduate to the center so that the water runs away from the center. This means that you can only dig three or three and a half inches in the center, grading down very gradually toward the edges of the patio to four inches deep. Keep the edges too, as this is where you will install the edge. Try to keep the top of the edging even. Most edges come with efforts to keep anchored in the ground. Wait until you have installed another two inches of crushed granite before installing the inserts on the outside of the patio edges.

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