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October 25, 2020 LINER

Cheap Pond Liner in All Sizes

Cheap pond liner – Frogs, dragonflies and flowering water lilies: a pond brings even more life into the garden. And you don’t have to have such a large garden for it, because ponds come in all sizes, from very large to very small. Here we give you tips for creating a pond in your garden. There are different ways to create a nice pond in your garden by garden. There are form ponds made of preformed pond trays and foil ponds, but also a big barrel can be a fun mini pond.

Buy Cheap Pond Liner

Buy Cheap Pond Liner

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A pond based on pond liner can give you the shapes and sizes you want. You are completely free in that. If you are going to construct a pond, Intratuin has different types and sizes of foil. The employees of the pond department can also tell you whether safety fleece should be laid as extra protection. It is always advisable to remove stones, plant roots and other sharp things before applying the foil.

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When digging the pond, immediately apply a few planting levels so that many different aquatic plants can later find their place in the pond. You can finish the border with decorative tiles, flagstones or pebbles combined with creeping perennials.

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