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April 19, 2021 WINDOW

Choices of the Exterior Window Types

Exterior window types for housing come in many different types. In addition to the types of windows that are permanently installed in house, additional windows are sometimes necessary to protect from the cold or extreme. If you are carrying out a housing construction project, become familiar with the different types of windows available abroad.

Window Types and Names

Window Types and Names

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Sash windows are the most popular and recognized types of windows. They are made of two parts, called sashes, one on the top and one on the bottom. The upper frame is on the outer side of the window and slides down, while the lower leaf on the inside of the window slides up. Guillotine windows offer excellent control of ventilation. Window frames are another popular type of window. They hang on the hinges and open in the same way that a door opens. This type of windows usually open and close by using cranks on the inner side of the window.

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Horizontal sliding windows have at least one fixed panel and at least one mobile panel, which open by sliding horizontally until it covers the fixed panel. Horizontal sliding windows can only half open, so only half of the window surface can be used for ventilation. Awning windows are like the windows of the frameset on your side. They have hinges on their upper part, and they open pushing outwards at the bottom of the window. They can only provide partial ventilation, but they can also be opened during the rain and provide a completely unobstructed view.

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