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October 10, 2019 WINDOW

Cool Window Air Conditioning Unit

Window air conditioning unit – It is very normal, that with the arrival of autumn cold, we notice that we have drafts inside the house, or that it is too cold for the time we are, and it is very possible that it is due to poor insulation of the windows. We all value that a flat or house is bright, that you have many windows and let in light, and that although it has many advantages, at the time of isolation can be an inconvenience, because in summer we will get the heat and in winter the cold.

Best Ideas Window Ac Units

Best Ideas Window Ac Units

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For all these reasons, we want to explain how to make the windows of your house are well insulated and that you should not spend more on heating or air conditioning. Today, although the most common are aluminum windows and doors, whether sliding or folding, we can still find wooden windows and exterior doors, and that over time, due to changes in temperature, humidity and sun, are quite deteriorated and do not fit well.

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In the case of aluminum windows, the deterioration usually comes in the borders of the frames and also in the floor guides. For these cases, it is best to install adhesive seals so that the closure is airtight and does not let air pass. For the sliding aluminum windows, as in the doors, there are some brush-shaped weather strips, which will greatly reduce the passage of air, improving the adjustment of the doors.

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