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Create Peaceful Space in Your Backyard Waterfalls

Backyard waterfalls – If you want to create a peaceful space in your backyard that includes rocks, plants and the sound of tricking water, falling rocks waterfalls fit the bill. Not only do these water features enhance a backyard visual appeal, they also attract wildlife to your yard, from birds and butterflies to frogs and salamanders, according to Oregon State University. When planning a backyard garden waterfall and the plantings that surround it, consider your landscape grade, climate zone, and sun exposure and soil types.

Backyard Garden Waterfalls

Backyard Garden Waterfalls

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Use natural rock of varying sizes to complete the waterfall and hold the liner in place. Larger stones, such as tile, slate or field rocks, build the sides of the gutter and act as spill stones to create the falls. Complete your falling backyard waterfall with a mixture of plants. Underwater plants grow underwater, providing oxygen and helping to reduce algae growth. Choices include common water milfoil, tapestry, hornblade and water shaft.

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Liquid plants also reduce algae by creating shade and taking nutrients and oxygen. Species include duckweed, frog’s bit, water fern and water hyacinth. Marginal plants live on the edge of the water; often their roots and lower stems are submerged. Choices include calla lilies, mushrooms, Japanese iris, Joe pye weed and sweet flags. Plant water-loving plants near the side of waterfalls, such as black-eyed susans, cardinal flowers, cattails, reed, spice shrubs and shrubs, winterberry.

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