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February 1, 2021 FILTER

Deciding the Best Tetra Pond Filter

Tetra Pond Filter – After you immerse yourself in the koi and koi ponds, you will find a different dilemma about koi filters. In order not to be overwhelmed by trying to solve all this, let’s face them one by one. You will find that most of the real options are possible if you only have additional information about them. The first dilemma is about two types of koi filters. What type of system should be installed in your pool, pressurized or not pressed? Actually there are many arguments for Koi filters without pressure.

Outdoor Fountain Filters

Outdoor Fountain Filters

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For one, a pressurized system is more expensive to run. In addition, the koi filter without pressure is more natural. After all, are there natural preparations where living things are stressed? Unlike rivers, streams or pressurized pools, so if you copy the natural habitat of your pet, the filter of pressed koi will fight what’s natural. In addition, non-pressurized systems have been proven by pool guards to be easier to maintain. Cleansing their parts and turning them back into action is not full of complications compared to pressurized systems. In addition, the leaky koi filter will usually be stressed.

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Finally, related to the starting point, non-pressurized filters are easier to install than pressure. That does not say that there are also many pool owners who have a lot of success with pressurized systems. For beginners in maintaining a swimming pool, a koi filter without pressure is recommended, for reasons mentioned earlier. Another dilemma for pool guards is pool filter media. Koi filters that use biological filtration require filter media to function properly.

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