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October 17, 2019 POND

Good Fish Pond Landscaping Ideas

Pond landscaping ideas – Choose the perfect place, fish ponds provide such a peaceful refuge in your landscape that the choice of the perfect location should be your top priority. Consider the shadow and sun areas in your yard. The excess of shade cannot provide enough heat for the fish, besides creating a mess of leaves and needles. The excess of sun invites the proliferation of algae that even the hungriest fish can keep up. Choose a site with sun and balanced shade and which is located near your outdoor areas.

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Pond liners are often hidden using a series of rocks placed around the edge of the pond. Place of rocks in natural groupings or random positions throughout the garden. Incorporate the rocks with their plantations by creating a circular pile of rocks, filling the center with the ground and planting a grapevine or outlet plant at the center of a natural appearance.

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Water plants serve many purposes in a pond, providing oxygen for fish to protect against predators. Including water lilies always makes a spectacular addition to your pond. These beautiful flowers open during the day and close at night. The bright green lily pad offers shaded areas of water for the fish to hide from the heat of the day. If you are using the water lilies in the pond, make sure that the additional plants that are not fast growing so the lilies have a lot of room to grow.

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