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October 12, 2020 Ideas

Good Ideas for Backyard Chickens

Backyard chickens – How big should the garden be if you want to have chickens in it? Any person who wants to raise chickens with green shoots, must, depending on the number of animals, a correspondingly large property to avoid disappointment and any hygiene problem. From experience, I would say that two animals need around 100 square meters, even if the organic pattern is satisfied with approximately ten square meters per animal.

Backyard Chickens Coop

Backyard Chickens Coop

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Another option would be the hens in the enclosure, that is, the beak consists of a fenced aviary. However, depending on the size and number of animals, they should be cleaned relatively frequently to avoid hygiene problems. In general, the chicken coop must be free of currents and dry. If the watering holes and the hangers are removable, the barn is easier to clean and the mites have little chance. The walls should be smooth, without cracks and easy to wash.

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The floor must be fixed, dry and interspersed. It would be nice if the stable is insulated and has some windows. The laying nest, which is normally sufficient for up to five chickens, should not be installed so that it is exposed to direct sunlight. If the animals have run out during the day, the size of the window area is not as important, but some natural light should fall into the barn.

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