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October 23, 2020 WINDOW

Good Plants for the Window Boxes

Window boxes are the perfect outdoor accessory for any home. They drastically improve the exterior appeal of a house, adding value both visually and monetarily. Window boxes are also easy to customize, allowing you to change the contents according to the season. As beautiful as they are, planters are not for all types of plants. Choose the correct plants for your window box to give the most of this clever gardening area.

Window Boxes Lowes

Window Boxes Lowes

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Start by choosing the plants for the front of the box that cascade over the edge. Cascading plants make a box look smoother and extend the visual effect of the flowers. Be sure to select the best flowers for any light conditions your box is in; shadow, partial shade or full sun. Choose English Ivy if you want something that will last for months and still grow in shady places. If you prefer the appearance of bright flowers and crawl to your window box receive a lot of suns, try bells of coral or another plant in the genus Heuchera, which thrives in full sun and partial shade. Lantana is another genus of cascading flowers that do well in full sun and partial shade, just like the plants in the verbena. Try a sweet-smelling jasmine creeper and shady spots, or a sweet potato vine.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Good Plants for the Window Boxes

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Select lush flowering, medium-sized plants for the center of the window box, and stack them together for a showy look. Coleus plants have dramatically bristled flowers and are very easy to grow. Heliotrope provides continuous flowers well into the autumn and has the added advantage of having a pleasant fragrance. Geraniums are a favorite mode of waiting for many gardeners and they also bloom in the fall. When they begin to fade, replace them with the fall colored mummies.

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