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October 29, 2020 FILTER

Homemade Pond Filter Media

Pond filter media – Colorful fish ponds need high quality filters to remove waste water. Instead of buying an expensive model, consider making a homemade fish pond filter that is just as effective. Put the homemade filter pond together, cut a hole in the side of the plastic container about one quarter the height of one side. This hole should be the correct size for a length of PVC pipe or hose pipe to fit inside. Use a sealant to hold the hose or tube securely. Also cut a large opening in the lid of the container. Cover this hole with the piece of the screen. Use the sealant to fix it to the inside of the lid.

Best Pond Filter Media

Best Pond Filter Media

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Fill the colorful fish pond filter with layers of media. The rocks come first and then a thick layer of plastic balls. The rocks will help keep the homemade filter at the bottom of the pond, while both the balls provide ample space for beneficial bacteria to grow colonies. The filter with dental floss or a filter mat. Because goldfish are dirty, compared to others, smaller fish, this should be several inches thick, depending on the total size of the filter.

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Clean the homemade pond filter regularly to maintain the beauty and health of your backyard water garden. Carefully lift the filter to the top of the water after turning off the pumps and removing the lid. Rinse both the lid and the filter or mat wire in a difficult stream of water from a garden hose. This will eliminate most debris. Do not disturb rocks or balls so that bacteria does not kill you.

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