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Homemade Steeler Gift Basket

Choose a theme for the Steeler gift basket based on the bride’s interests. For example, if she likes cooking, put together a kitchen-themed gift basket. If she is frazzled and enjoys pampering herself, make a spa-themed gift basket. If she and the groom buy a home together, make a gift basket of items to help with the renovation and decor. Whatever the theme, use the same basic strategy to put the basket together.

Concept Steelers Gifts

Concept Steelers Gifts

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12 Inspiration Gallery from Homemade Steeler Gift Basket

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Image of: System Steelers Gift Basket
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Image of: Small Steelers Gift Basket
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Image of: Concept Steelers Gifts

Place a steel gift basket on a flat surface. It does not have to be a traditional woven basket, but rather should be something that can hold all objects and match the theme at the moment. If you are making a kitchen gift basket, start with a large salad bowl, bowl or stock pot basket. Tuck fiber between and around items in the gift basket to keep them in place.

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Cut a large square of white tulle. The sides of the square should be at least three times the sum of the height and length of the gift basket. Set metal gift basket in the center of tulle. Pull the edges of the tulle up around the gift basket and collect the tulle in the hand above the gift basket, slightly closer to the rear edge than the front. Secure the tulle with a clean rubber band. Tie the white bridal band around the rubber band. Trim the upper edges of the tulle to give it a pretty look.

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