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March 13, 2021 DESIGN

How to Curve Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger – The normal application of tiles to vertical surfaces is straight walls that are in solder. But sometimes you find yourself designing elements or moving to a new home that already has the design ready where a curved wall section must be covered with tiles. While the normal way of curving tiles in this case is to use 1-inch plates on one sheet, you can also change larger tiles to work the same way.

Astral Walker Zanger

Astral Walker Zanger

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12 Inspiration Gallery from How to Curve Walker Zanger

Image of: Traditional Walker Zanger
Image of: Stair Walker Zanger
Image of: Scala Walker Zanger
Image of: Remodel Walker Zanger
Image of: Nice Walker Zanger
Image of: Modern Walker Zanger
Image of: Kitchen Walker Zanger
Image of: Interest Walker Zanger
Image of: Grammer Walker Zanger
Image of: Floor Walker Zanger
Image of: Block Walker Zanger
Image of: Astral Walker Zanger

Install Walker Zanger sheets as usual to curve around a wall. Sheets of 1- or 2-inch plates will easily bend and fold around the inner and outer corners. Prepare larger trays to work with curvature of the wall. Place the gauge on the tile wet saw and cut several strips of 3 inches in width. Check these pieces against the wall to see if your curve is gentle enough to accommodate the width of your pieces. You want the tile to be just wide enough to make the curve with the majority of the back of the tile that is in contact with the wall for mortar adhesion.

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Adjust the size of the strips accordingly. A gentle curve may use 6-inch strips, while a sharp curve may require your strips to cut down to 1 inch for complete mortar adhesion. Cut your pieces of Walker Zanger onto the wet saw. The stone cut the edges with a rubbing stone and wipe each piece completely with an old towel. Install the pieces as usual. Work from the bottom of the wall up. Spread the thinnest on the wall with a toothpick and place strips of tile in the thinnest. Use tile spacers between them to control your grout joint width.

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