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How to Hang Rectangular Wire Basket

Rectangular wire basket is an economical and easy way to lay shelves for wardrobes, pantry, laundry, utility room and garage. Shelves are available on almost all lengths and are often fit exactly spaces. It comes in both close and large gap variations, depending on shelving needs, and is available in several designs. These shelves are sold in pre-cut kits with all attachments and clips included.

Chicken Wire Baskets

Chicken Wire Baskets

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Measure the length of the space where the wire basket is needed. If the shelf is intended to touch the wall at any end, subtract 3/4 inch from the measurement. Double that if it will touch both ends. Determine the number of wall clips needed to hold the rear end of the shelf in the wall. A good rule is a clip for every 12 inches of shelf length, evenly spaced. Position clip 2-1 / 2 inches from each end if the edges are near the walls and mark their locations with a pencil. Mark the 1 inch clips from the edge if not near side walls. Use a spirit level to ensure that all holes are in a straight line.

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Attach the rectangular basket to the wall clip, one by one by gently pushing back the bar on the shelf into the clips until they snap into place. It will now hang there against the wall, and you can place the plastic caps over all the open ends if necessary. For shelves not near closed walls, attach a brace aside, following exact instructions for placement on the shelf from the manufacturer. Check the level while holding the bar against the wall and mark the holes. Drill holes, use anchor if no stud is available and place the shelf on the finished braces.

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