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September 27, 2020 WINDOW

How to Hang Window Pane

Many prefer a window pane to a fixed one because it allows natural light to filter in, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy. You can solve this problem by covering the glass pane with a curtain. Covering your French door hides their decorative elements. Use a feedback to group center of curtain together to reveal their ornamental squares and let in some light.

Aluminium Window Pane

Aluminium Window Pane

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Find the height and width of the glass windows on a French door with a tape measure. You need a curtain that is at least 2 inches higher and wider than the glass area. Create drill markings 2 inches above and below the glass pane. Place a mark in each corner, above or below, box.

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Connect the best-left and upper-right drill markings with a straight line. Then use a level to make sure the line is still. Repeat the process for the lower drill markings. Drill holes in the center of each drill with a hand drill effect. Place the screw holes in each bar mount over the pilot holes. Then secure the brackets in place with the supplied screws. Insert a curtain rod into the front bar of the curtain and the other into the lower bar pocket. Attach the ends of each bar in the bar brackets attached to the door.

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