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Use split rail fence with wire when you need stronger material that is also flexible. Use fences with a maximum opening of 1 1/2 inches to hold rabbits and small animals. Bury the fence 6 inches in the ground to avoid something burrowing underneath. The height of the fence must be up to 8 feet tall to keep the deer from jumping it. You can also use this to keep pets or horses out. Use the height to create a trellis for climbing vegetables. Bamboo fences can also combine the aesthetic appeal of wood with useful chain or wire fence. You can also use bamboo as a seasonal fencing because you can pull it and re-roll it for storage. Bamboo is also robust enough to withstand wind, snow drift and many types of animals. Merge green shoots of bamboo into the chain link fence to add a stronger element and create a visual effect for the fence. Utilize trees and shrubs when you want a natural fence for the kitchen garden. Using the proper trees such as Leyland cypress or eastern hemlock, which produce thick high coverage, helps build a hedge and endures many types of animals such as deer or domestic animals. Use smaller plants such as purple bushes that can become lower fences while inviting beneficial creatures such as bees or hummingbirds to the garden. Use berry bushes as a natural fence while also providing food for yourself and animals.

Beneficial of Split Rail Fence with Wire

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How to Install Split Rail Fence Post

Split Rail Fence Post – Split-rail fencing is a good option if you are looking for a rustic, traditional and very visible type of fencing. An adequate installation is needed, however, to last and may require a lot of maintenance. Replacing lanes that have been broken or fallen can be a difficult project. the wooden rails break easily, and you must stain the fencing every few years to keep the posts and rails from rotting.

Split Rail Fencing Home Depot

Split Rail Fencing Home Depot

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Buy the posts that will allow you at least 2 feet on the ground. Thrust holes at least 2 feet deep either with an endless tractor that works with a manually operated excavator or post-hole. Use the auger if you have more than a couple of holes to dig. Excavation of the holes will be easier when the terrain is soft – a day or two after a heavy rain.

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Unit of the posts on the ground. Your best option for pole placement is to rent a later road or hire a contractor to handle the messages, as you will have a strong fence over time. Fill the holes, after inserting the posts, with the dirt displaced, gravel brought to you in or cement. Although cementing posts on ground results in the strongest posts, digging cemented posts can take a long time. Insert the rails into their workstations, making sure that none of the ends can easily slide out. Landscaping fences can use two rows of lanes; to fence the cattle, the use of three rows of rails.

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