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August 20, 2020 WINDOW

How to Make Basement Window Covers Looks Bigger

Basement window covers are notorious for being small and uninviting and can be particularly difficult in finished basements. To make yourself and the guests feel more welcome in a basement, you can give the impression of a larger window which in turn makes the whole room feel larger. This can be done with common tools and home furnishing supplies that can be found at any home improvement store. Best of all, you can finish the job in a single afternoon.

Window Well Grates

Window Well Grates

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12 Inspiration Gallery from How to Make Basement Window Covers Looks Bigger

Image of: Square Window Covers
Image of: Small Window Well Covers
Image of: Window Well Covers
Image of: Dark Basement Window
Image of: Window Well Grates
Image of: Window Well Extensions
Image of: Shape Window Well Covers
Image of: Screen Window Well Covers Picture
Image of: Rectangular Window Well Covers
Image of: Plastic Window Wells
Image of: Best Window Well Covers
Image of: Best Plastic to Cover Windows in winter

Install shutters directly below the window. The doors should touch each other and the combined width should be about 2 inches wider than the window. The top of the doors should be level with the lower part of the window covers. Read the installation instructions for your window shutters for best results. Install a window sill directly under the doors. The window sill should be the same width or slightly wider than the hatches. Because gaps differ in style, the installation process also distinguishes, so you must follow the instructions for your particular product.

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Install a curtain bar directly above the basement window. Hang full-length curtains from the rod as a final touch to the elongated window of illusion. 4 Put lights on both sides of the window to give the impression of the sunlight.

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