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September 26, 2020 WINDOW

How to Make Faux Window Mirror

Window Mirror – The tight house, like apartments, condominiums and basement homes. Usually have low ceilings and are short of natural light and windows, making them feel tight and like a cave. The mirrors quickly open up small spaces, but if you want to put a unique twist on this time-honored solution, add false windowpanes to the faces of the mirrors. This imitation window glass mirror will insinuate extra room without full volume your intention, so it is an update of the style with knowledge in a classic space improvement solution.

Window Mirror Rectangle

Window Mirror Rectangle

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Draw a grid formation through your mirror with the straight edge and a dry erase marker. Arrange the grid to match your ideal imitation window sections and mark the grid lines with the ribbon; this will help you visualize the panels before starting gluing. Measure the length of the columns of the grid and the lengths of the horizontal sections connect. Count the columns and horizontal sections to know how many pieces to cut from the trim of the screen door. With the saw, cut your columns and horizontal sections of the screen door trim.

12 Inspiration Gallery from How to Make Faux Window Mirror

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Image of: Window Mirror Rectangle
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Remove the tape. Mix your epoxy, following the package instructions. Glue the columns to the mirror with the epoxy, measuring again if necessary. Glue the horizontal connecting pieces between the columns. Tape all molding with more painter’s tape while epoxy cures, a process that often takes a day or more. Take off the tape once the drying window has passed, according to the packing instructions of your epoxy.

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