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October 23, 2020 DOOR

How to Seal Cheap Patio Doors

If you install new cheap patio doors, or weather protection previously installed doors, sealing them to holding out the drafts of a cold winter is a necessity. This step does not isolate the inside of your home from cold weather, but in warm climates it also keeps cold air in. A basic procedure and little hand-eye coordination are all you need to get this project right. It takes no more than one hour to complete each door you seal.

Center Sliding Patio Doors

Center Sliding Patio Doors

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12 Inspiration Gallery from How to Seal Cheap Patio Doors

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Measure the width of the outside of the patio doors strips, using a measuring tape. Cut a strip of still noses, or another similar piece of casting, wide enough to fit just below the threshold – the space under the door – to this length, using a hand saw. Put the molding below the threshold and the two outside vertically aligned strips so that it is exactly in line with the bottom of the doors. Glue the molding in place, using a construction adhesive.

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Apply a string of patio doors seal or exterior seal joint seal to the outer edge of the moldings. Drive this 6 mm to 1.2 cm (1/4 to 1/2 inch) bead all the way along the edge of the seam between the outer walls and the casting. Make a continuous string by pausing to release the shutter release button after it is fully depressed, and then continue in your application after pressing the shutter button again to start the flow of seal. Repeat the joint seal application on both sides of the molding and along the upper edge of the doors to form a continuous seal as possible.

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