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Ideas for Clean a Backyard Swings Set

Backyard swings can eventually get dirty from natural sources. The backyard set makes a wonderful bird perch. Outdoor structures that are cleaned periodically can also deter insects like paper wasps and dauber mud from the South from nesting in them during the summer months. Cleaning activities can also be incorporated into children, especially since the method includes a garden hose and can be achieved in a single, warm summer afternoon.

Backyard Swings Design Ideas

Backyard Swings Design Ideas

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Spray the entire swing with water. Keep it wet during the cleaning process. Heavy particles such as mud or bird droppings will be more easily removed if they are soaked first. Brush the heaviest-loaded dirty surfaces with the brush scrubber. Rinse the area to remove any streaks or diffusion from wet soil. Add the amount of cleaner to the plastic bucket. Follow the instructions on the label to mix the cleaner with water. Fill the bucket with water. The amount of cleaner needed will depend on the size of the swings.

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Work down from the top of the swing. Dip the brush in the solution, pull the bucket immediately and apply it to the surface of the structure. Rub the area, removing embedded dirt. Rinse well with water from the hose. Go to a lower place, once the upper section of the swing is finished. Keep water flowing continuously to remove dirt from cleaned areas. The surface may not appear dirty until it begins to scrub. Allow to the structure to dry completely.

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