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October 31, 2020 PATIO

Install a New Screened In Patio

Screened in patio is an outdoor escape suitable for barbecues or just to rest. The screens protect from insects and avoid objects on the porch that blows away while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. Finally the screens on a screened porch wear out or suffer damage. Replacing damaged screens is a fairly simple project that requires only a few hours of your time and some tools.

Awesome Patio Enclosures Design

Awesome Patio Enclosures Design

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Install a new screened in patio, measure existing screens to see what measurements they require for new replacement screens. Measure the height and width of each screen to make appropriate cuts from the new roll of research material. Remove the existing screen by removing the strip that holds each screen in its frame. The spline is a strip of vinyl or rubber along the inside edges of the screen. To remove the strip, simply lift it out of place with a knife.

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Remove the screen from the frame once all the pieces of the strip are removed from the inside of the frame of the screen. Throw away the old screen. If the old screen is made of metal, you can use gloves to avoid cuts on your hands. Measure a new piece of screen for the frame.  Lay the new screen on the frame. With a knife or scissors, cut the corners of the pieces on the screen. Cutting of excessive projection of the screen material with a knife. Continue removing old screens and install new screens where repairs are necessary.

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