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Instructions for Chain Link Fence Repair the Mesh

Chain Link Fence Repair – You can repair the mesh on a wire fence in just a few minutes. Damage to a wire fence adversely affects the structural integrity and effectiveness of the barrier. A breach in the mesh of a wire mesh fence can allow an animal to get loose or a small pest to pass through. The new link fabric patch can be as strong as the original mesh if installed correctly.

Handyman Fence Installation

Handyman Fence Installation

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Attach a fence extractor for the two posts adjacent to the mesh damage. Fix the fence button until you have relieved the pressure of the tension bar. Remove the tension bar by loosening the screw or screws that hold it. Release the fence extractor so it can be removed. Cut or separate the tissue from the damaged section. Mark the size of the hole once all the broken net has been displaced. Cut a program section out of the chain link fabric to fit the size of the hole. Knit the edges of the patch on the remaining mesh fence using the clips. Reinforce the joint along the edges of the patch by twisting small pieces of strong galvanized wire into the connections between the mesh sections.

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Slide the tension bar into the loose edge of the link chain with mesh approximately 4 feet from the end post. Replace the extractor close to the two nearby posts and tighten it until you can reinstall it. Add a few wire loop rests on the top and bottom guide of the wire fence for added security. Twisting a small galvanized wire tie each foot more or less keeps the mesh from sagging and moving away.

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