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Instructions for the Pet Safe Wireless Fence

PetSafe produces a wireless fencing system that uses a transmitter and shock collar to keep your dog within a tight circular perimeter of up to 180 feet in diameter, with the transmitter located in the center of that perimeter. According to the PetSafe website, the shock emitted by the neck is similar to a shock of static electricity and not pain of your animal. The PetSafe website recommends that any pet owner using a pet restraint system for their prime animal should train the animal in the basic commands such as “stay,” “heel,” and “sit.”

Pet Safe Fence

Pet Safe Fence

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Place your wireless receiver collar around your dog’s neck. Leave your pet’s collar for several minutes before checking the adjustment using the same method. The adjustment of the collar can change once your pet has moved around or relaxed. And you have to make sure that the neck adjustment stays secure and comfortable without squeezing the animal’s neck. Remove the collar.

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Find a place in the interior that is in the center of your desired circle and set up your small table in this area. Rest your transmitter on top of the small table. You must keep your transmitter inside to protect it from humidity and subzero temperatures. Turn on the transmitter by plugging in and turning the “limit switch” for the “High” setting. Turn the control dial to the highest level, which is 8. Walk around the entire perimeter of your pet’s area, calling your assistant to lower the disk each time the neck stops to whistle. Put a boundary flag, included in the system, on the ground around every 10 feet.

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