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December 12, 2020 Ideas

Outdoor Fire Pits For Backyard Living

Backyard Living – ¬†Fire has always fascinated mankind since the beginning of time. This is how to cook and warm the body. Without fire, it would be a very different world. Nowadays fire pits can be a source of heat on cold nights or a way to gather with friends and tell stories or share music. Whatever way you use an open fire pit for a backyard, this is a surefire way to ‘burn’ a conversation.

Backyard Living Area Design

Backyard Living Area Design

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I don’t know what it is about fire pits, but have a way to bring people there and take us. Watching fire can relax and calm you. Firewood bonfires emit an extraordinary aroma that evokes memories of the cold October. What child doesn’t like finding the right stick to bake their marshmallows or hot dogs? I remember my father sent us away to find branches to light a fire, it took time to make it burn and little by little the fire would rise.

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Having a backyard fire pit is great when temperatures start to cool in late summer and fall. This is a way to continue to enjoy your outdoor space in winter. Fire pits currently come in a variety of materials such as Cast Iron, Steel, Copper and Stone & Tiles. Some even look like indoor fireplaces. Chimineas are taller and originally made of clay. They can be as simple or luxurious as you want depending on your backyard living room.

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