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January 12, 2021 WINDOW

Parts of a Window Blind

Blinds offer colorful and stylish ways to cover a window. Window blind also provide comfort as well as security and privacy. Several important components joined together to create this window processing. Several individual pieces of blinds are sold separately, making it economically possible to replace damaged parts rather than buying another complete blind. Be sure to read the package to determine you have the right part for your blind. As many of the parts used in both vertical and horizontal blind units.

Cheap Vinyl Mini Blinds Wholesale

Cheap Vinyl Mini Blinds Wholesale

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Head-Rail; the hardware is located on top of where the blind tracks are located, referred to as the conductor rail. The horizontal or custom vertical blinds device attaches to it. Planks; also called shovels, vertical and horizontal slats are the individual pieces that overlap each other to make up the largest segment of the unit. Also called gills, material or hangers. Slats come in natural weaves, different types and colors of fabric, different types of wood, and faux wood.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Parts of a Window Blind

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Image of: Wood Vertical Blinds
Image of: Vinyl Vertical Blinds
Image of: Vertical Blinds Replacement
Image of: Select Blinds
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Image of: Just Blinds
Image of: Window Tinting Service
Image of: Fabric Vertical Window Blinds
Image of: Custom Vertical Blinds
Image of: Cheap Window Roller Shades
Image of: Cheap Vinyl Mini Blinds Wholesale
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Ladder String; Blinds have many individual slats to hold together. Ladder string is the string where each slat of horizontal blinds rests. It is a durable cord similar to a ladder, so each slat can be woven through it to make up the window that covers. Bottom Weight; this part of the window treatment provides stability. Usually a wood or plastic insert is mounted in a pocket located at the bottom of the blind unit. It stabilizes and weighs down the horizontal just blinds.

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