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August 27, 2020 POND

Pond Deicer at A Lower Price

Pond deicer – How often do we get to a frozen car in the morning? Then it is either the ice scraper or the expensive ice remover spray. The first is often a cold game – the latter is easy but expensive. But you can make your own de-icer – and this at a much lower price, of course. It is far cheaper than the purchased ice-cream remover. Make your own ice cream remover – it’s not even hard! You would otherwise think so.

Buy Pond Deicer

Buy Pond Deicer

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And you can – not much money – make a good portion that can last all winter. And it can be long and cold! Pour 3 liters of water into the can with Calcium chloride and mix it. Cover and then shake thoroughly until everything is dissolved. (Note: The liquid will be hot when shaking it). This gives you 4-5 liters of homemade ice cream remover.

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Then the de-icer is ready. Just fill up the nebulizer bottle and use. Of course, more than enough for the whole winter. Don’t wait for the day you suddenly stand with a frozen car and want to leave quickly. Make it in good time so it is ready. You probably need a de-icer when you least expect it.

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