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October 15, 2020 LINER

Pond Liner For Fish Pond Or Water Garden

Pond liner – The first thing you want to do is make sure the ship is safe for fish. This is very important. Fish safe goods are available in various thicknesses made from different materials. The most popular for koi ponds or the water park is 45 miles of EPDM pool liners. The liner is somewhat thick about 1/8 and very flexible and chewy. They remind you about tubes in bicycles, but thicker, they come in various sizes with dimensions that can be divided by 5 ‘x 10’ to arrive early and ready to be delivered. Lining up to 400 square feet (eg 20 ‘x 20 ‘liner) can delivered via UPS.Larger, 45-mile EPDM liner is heavier and packaged differently, requiring delivery via Motorcycle fret and comes with rolls with the largest size is 50’ x 100 ‘, all in one roll.

Pond Liner Firestone

Pond Liner Firestone

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Usually transported to the pool location with the front end loader with a suitable fork in the opening of the roll where the liner is launched more and more at the location, launched near the edge of the pond and strategically positioned to the excavated area. There are several options for those who want to build a large fish pond or a water park where they need a platform larger than 50 ‘x 100’. In this case, the 2 most popular choices are to buy 2 or more 50 ‘x 100’ EPDM 45 mile liners (or whatever size you need) and put them together (see below for connection information) or purchase a liner type the different that come in bigger sizes and made all in one piece! I will explain two other options so you can determine which one is most interesting to you.

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While there are step-by-step procedures that one has to follow to integrate 2 EPDM liners 45 miles together, briefly what you need to do is put both parts on a very flat surface such as plywood or for larger applications, flat parking or entrance. You loosen each liner and carefully overlap one end of the liner on the other side of the liner. Coincidentally, these overlapping areas need to be around 6 “wide for both layers of the tape.

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