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September 23, 2020 POND

Prepare the Pond Skimmer for Winter

Pond Skimmer – The ways you prepare your pond and your equipment for winter depend on whether you are keeping the fish in the pond for the winter. If you decide to keep the fish in the pond during the winter, you need to keep the water clean and free from accumulation of dangerous gases, which usually means the operation of your equipment throughout the year. Ice and freezing water temperatures can be detrimental to your skimmer pond, however, and you will have to take some key measures for winter properly.

Skimmer Parts For Inground Pool

Skimmer Parts For Inground Pool

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If you plan on removing fish from the pond for winter, remove the pond skimmer before the temperatures begin to fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring the skimmer indoors during the winter and keep it in a large bucket full of water to prevent the boards from drying out. Keep the pond skimmer in a pond if you are thinking about keeping the fish in the pond all winter long. Choose a defrosting device that is appropriate for the size of your pond.

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Install the air bubbler or heater near the skimmer so that the device keeps the water in the entire skimmer from freezing. Remember that pond heaters and air bubblers usually keep a single area of the pond freezing in the winter. Remove the cap from the weir on the skimmer door during the winter to increase the flow of water. The ice layer in the pond will reduce the amount of water it is able to pump. And the removal of the flap will help to counteract this problem.

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