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October 19, 2020 Ideas

Rolling Laundry Basket in Different Places in the House

The rolling laundry basket is nowadays not just a basket of curver or another plastic material. Nowadays we pay more and more attention to picking out laundry baskets because they are part of our interior.  A laundry basket can be in different places in the house. It depends on your routine in the house and in life.

DIY Laundry Basket

DIY Laundry Basket

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What do you dress for? Think, for example, where you throw away the dirty towels? Where is the washing machine? At our home the laundry baskets are at the washing machine because we have no place anywhere else. But laundry baskets can stand in many more places … For example, on the toilet where you use them for toilet rolls and guest towels that are used.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Rolling Laundry Basket in Different Places in the House

Image of: Wicker Laundry Basket
Image of: White Laundry Basket
Image of: Wheeled Laundry Basket
Image of: Use Laundry Basket
Image of: Steel Laundry Basket
Image of: Small Laundry Basket
Image of: Round Laundry Basket
Image of: Rolling Laundry Basket
Image of: Laundry Basket Type
Image of: Laundry Basket Black
Image of: Laundry Basket and Wheel
Image of: DIY Laundry Basket
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In the hallway where you often walk along, where everyone comes and everyone can wash their laundry. This DIY idea is very nice and useful: three pockets for white, dark and colored laundry. Easy to make yourself! Do you have a lot of washing in the bedroom? Then place a laundry basket where you can throw in the dirty laundry. This industrial laundry basket is not only very nice but also very handy with wheels underneath. Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!

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