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September 9, 2020 POND

Setting Up A Goldfish Pond Pool

Pond Pool Р Gold fish ponds are a great addition to any garden and interesting place. Goldfish ponds have been admired in Asia for centuries, especially in China and Japan. Today, you will find goldfish pools throughout the world, including Europe and North America. Because Goldfish comes from wild carp that can live in cold water, Goldfish will survive outdoors in winter even in colder parts of the world. However, in some areas, it is recommended to place fish in your home during the toughest months because it can sink into the pond if the ice freezes the entire surface.

Pond Pool Combo

Pond Pool Combo

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Goldfish can be stored in ponds and ponds on the ground. It is recommended to plant your pond / pond because mashed fish will feel safer in the planted environment. It will also be able to hide between plants to prevent predators. Many animals like to catch and eat mashed fish, including cats, birds and raccoons. Sometimes plants are not enough to keep your fish and you have to cover the pond with a mosquito net at night. In ponds above ground with straight sides, predators will not be able to cross and vice versa must warm by the pool when looking for prey.

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This will usually be observed by your goldfish and can find protection in the pond. Planting gold fish ponds is easier to maintain because plants will help you maintain water quality. Living plants can use organic compounds exhaled by fish as food. This means that organic waste will be absorbed by plants rather than live in water and pollute it. Live plants will also prevent the growth of algae because plants and algae compete to get the same nutrients.

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