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October 15, 2020 House Designs

Smart Garage Door Opener Installation

One of the most satisfying do-it-yourself projects you can undertake is a smart garage door opener installation. There are basically three options to choose from: chain driven, belt driven and screwdriver opener. Chain-operated openers are quite noisy when in operation compared to the other styles. The screwdriver units are low maintained because they have some moving parts.

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Make sure the door is in good condition, before make over it. If it binds or is difficult to raise and / or lower, troubleshoot the door to identify the problem and make the necessary repairs before installing the garage door opener. The amount of horsepower for the garage door opener depends on the size of the door. If you install a lightweight, one-car sectional door, a half-horsepower unit will probably be sufficient to maneuver the sectional door.

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For heavier doors, the opener will have to be at least three fourth horsepower. The rule of thumb is to buy as much horsepower as you can afford. For doors that are over seven feet, six inches high, install a garage door extension kit. It must be a source of electrical power near the opener so you can connect the device power cord. The outlet should be an earth leakage circuit breaker type, which provides protection for the opener against overvoltage

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