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October 30, 2020 POND

Steps in Building a Backyard Pond

The construction of a building a backyard pond is a wonderful addition to a patio. Bring in the birds and frogs and it is a fabulous place to sit by your side in the afternoon and enjoy a cold drink. It really is not that hard to do if you can handle a shovel and have a little time to spare.

Small Backyard Pond Ideas

Small Backyard Pond Ideas

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Place a garden hose in the shape of a kidney or whichever way you want. Dig around the entire perimeter of the hose so that it has a contour of your pond marked on the ground. Remove dirt from the bottom pond by about 3 or more feet, pulling it out from the center and placing it along the outside edge. Choose rocks or roots that could be along the bottom of the pond. Lay on your poly sheets to cover the bottom and sides of the pool.

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Adjust the stone around the outside edge so that it slightly overlaps the edge, hiding the poly. Bring the earth to the edge of the rock. Plant some perennial plants around the edge of the rocks, such as hostas and lilies that will add a natural element to the lagoon. Fill the pond with your garden hose. If the cop starts to bubble a little, set some stones in the pond to keep it depressed. Let the water sit for about 24 hours before adding any fish or water lilies.

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