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Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms with Shelf

Today we share to you an storage ideas for small bathrooms solutions. Here is the private bathroom of our daughter, she was 12 years old. Bathroom with no natural light, small area can not arrange furniture as desired reality, dressing table with no drawers, double sinks and plumbing up too much space, instead of being an able design of storage drawers underneath.
We also do not have a linen closet, no hangers column maps hair, bow, and shelves of cosmetics essential for her. Until we see the shelves, I know it is an optimal solution for her daughter’s storage ideas for small bathrooms. It has a lot of storage capacity but does not occupy much space. Sure timber very good, very convenient and simple can make use of wooden planks family succession to close the high shelves and drawers like this. I found an old door in the warehouse and has designed the shelves immediately think of the lovely 5 floors.
Alternatively, you can consult a number of stores are in off season to buy instruments, bottles, bags necessary to contain small items and arrange them neatly on wooden shelves. This is what makes our bathroom space becomes compact gang- subtle colors less expensive, more cost savings.
Refer to the Following Way of Us!
It is storage ideas for small bathrooms with a shelf structure is fairly simple design. We need to have an old wooden door, 5 small plank size of about 30-40cm, 5cm thick, white spray paint and nails, screws to catch them from sticking together.
First, you measure the distance between the shelves, from 20-30cm depending on personal aesthetics. Wooden planks placed perpendicular to the wooden door, mark the drilling location, to screw form a wall shelf as shown.
Next, you need sanding wooden shelves, painted a layer of anti-termite, primers (dried) and spray paint balls to get the freshest colors. To attach the shelves to the wall, we put them upright to the side wall, mark the screw locations to start at the top, bottom, left and right to hold the shelf firmly and make sure it is balanced.
Finally, we just put the container on a shelf items and decorated some lovely small flower pot.
The shelves are designed with rate matching size bath, allowing the room to be spacious and colorful. You can catch more small shelf to address other essential items. Even, you can think of a more solid shelves to accommodate the heavier objects. This is one of our storage ideas for small bathrooms, about you! Make it surprise for your bathroom. Thank you for reading and I wish you a great day!

storage ideas for small bathrooms

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