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August 17, 2020 POND

Tips to Get Koy Pond Ready for Spring

Early spring arrives and you get ready to prepare your koy pond. It’s that time of year when the ice has left the surface of the pond and the fish are stirring from hibernation, but before garden tents are up and running with supplies of ponds and aquatic plants. Still, there is a lot to do to get your pond good to go.

The Koy Pond Video

The Koy Pond Video

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Jump-start spring pond by removing dead leaves and debris from around the pond, rearrange the decorative rocks and prepare the immediate area for new plants. Pond water during the winter turns brown from fallen leaves and dirt from the biological processes of the fish. Remove the fish, place them in a bucket with the water from the original pond. Fill the backup pond. If you use garden hose tap water, treat it with an appropriate dose of a chlorine-withdrawal solution. Float the fish in the bucket in the pond for at least 30 minutes allow the temperature to equilibrate.

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Aquatic plants popularly used in garden ponds are often of tropical origin, and garden stores rarely dispose of them throughout the year. You might be able to acquire the oxygenator type plants such as anarchist at the local pet store. In addition, the plants marketed as lucky bamboo thrive in an aquatic environment and make ideal cane swamps.

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