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August 22, 2020 GATE

To Put A Vinyl Fence Gate Kit

To put a vinyl fence gate kit, starting with measure the distance between the two fence posts where the door will be installed. Buy a vinyl door that is 1 1/4 inches less wide than the distance measured between the posts. Next, keep the door between the fence posts with the vertical stakes on the same side, as they are on the fence. Adjust the bottom edge of the door to run with the bottom of the fence. And position the door between the posts with a gap of five-eighths of an inch on each side. Make the level of the gate, and have someone hold it in place.

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Align each of the hinged vinyl driveway gate on the upper and lower horizontal rear rails of the gate. Place the longest, narrowest side of the hinge over the fence, with the shorter, wider side against the fence posts. Mark the position of the pre-drilled holes in the rear door hinges both handrails and over the fence posts. Remove the hinges, and position your door latch on the opposite side of the door at a convenient height. Mark the previously drilled holes from the latch door on the door post and fence when necessary.

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Place the vinyl fence driveway gates on a flat surface with the rails from the back facing up. Drill through the vinyl and into the wood inside the door posts and the fence at each marked point to create the holes needed to fix the hinges and latch the door. Attach the hinges to the appropriate fence post. Attach the door latch to the pole of the opposite fence. Hold the door to the opening in the fence and align the other half of each hinge with the holes in the rear rails. Attach the hinges to the door in each hole drilled. Then connect the door latch on the other side.

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