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August 31, 2020 FILTER

Use Uv Pond Filter To Have A Beautiful Garden Pond

A beautiful ornamental pond in the garden is possible, but it is almost essential to use a uv pond filter device. What is the principle of these filters, and how to choose a model adapted to your needs? Having a beautiful garden pond in which life develops requires to ensure its biological balance. The environment is closed, the population (plants, fish) generally abundant, it is rare that this fragile balance can be maintained without recourse to “technical” equipment.

Bio Active Pond Filter

Bio Active Pond Filter

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In the absence of maintenance and filtration system, eutrophication is usually achieved (excessive nitrate content, which itself leads to the disappearance of living species). A suitable filtration system and a UV lamp ensure a clear water year round. The filters are valuable allies to ensure pond balance.

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Their operation is based on 3 stages. First, suck as much as possible from the pond (this is the purpose of the pump). To retain this waste at the level of the different filters, from the widest to the finest according to the “cage” considered (it is the filtration proper). Transforming some debris to make it assimilable by the pond’s plants (this is the biological decomposition). The filters contain porous supports (lava rock …), whose interest is to maximize the surface of contact with the water. Bacteria that lodge there oxidize organic waste.

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