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October 19, 2020 POND

Water’s Pond Care of Spring and Summer

Pond Care – A landscape pond provides a home for fish and plants while attracting wildlife such as frogs and birds in the yard. Healthy pond water helps ensure that your living and pond plants remain healthy and productive. Ponds have different care requirements depending on the season, the climate and the type of plants and animals to be kept in the water.

Pond Maintenance Near Me

Pond Maintenance Near Me

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Pumps and filters have to be inspected in the spring as they start preparing the pond for the summer. Replace the worn parts and make sure everything is working properly before planting the pond. Check shirts, hoses and other parts of the pond to ensure no cracks or damage occurred during the winter months. The removal of fallen leaves, dead plants, and other winter debris clarifies water for plants and fish. The time to pass tender perennial and annual pond plants back into the water occurs when the water is heated in the spring. Most plants can survive in the pond once the water temperature rises above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The proliferation of algae occurs with increased heat and summer light, which may require algae or enzymatic treatment depending on the severity of flowering. Any fish in the pond will also end up waking from their winter sleep, as the weather warms. Resume regular feeding schedules and add a water conditioner to help keep the fish healthy. If the water evaporates from the lagoon faster than the rain replaces it, use a garden hose to maintain water levels. Pond plants also require fertilization during the summer months to produce healthy foliage and flowers.

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