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All about Persian Basket

Persian basket – Before entering fully to know the meaning of the term basket, we must proceed to discover the etymological origin of it. In this case, we can show that it is a word that derives from Latin, exactly from “cista”, which the name was given to a basket that was made in wicker. However, we can not overlook that Latin word, in turn, derives from Greek. In particular, it comes from “kisté”, which the name was given to a “basket”.

Basket in Laundry Room

Basket in Laundry Room

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The term basket refers to a basket that is manufactured with some type of wood or flexible fiber. These containers are used to store or move different things, from food to clothing . For example: “Can you reach the basket of apples, please? I’m going to start preparing the cake ” , ” The dirty laundry basket is full ” , ” We will move next week: I already have all the dishes stored in baskets ” .

12 Inspiration Gallery from All about Persian Basket

Image of: Wicker Cat Basket
Image of: Straw Basket Bag
Image of: Storage Cabinet with Baskets Wall
Image of: Round Wicker Basket for Fruit
Image of: Housewarming Gift Basket
Image of: Gift Basket Bamboo
Image of: Filing Basket Wicker
Image of: File Basket Boxes
Image of: Fall Flower Basket
Image of: Cute Cat Basket
Image of: Basket Laundry Room Home
Image of: Basket in Laundry Room
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The baskets can be woven with rush , wicker or other plant. They usually have a handle in their center so that people can manipulate them easily. It is possible to differentiate between closed baskets and open baskets, according to their structure.

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