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September 10, 2020 PATIO

Building Glass Patio Enclosures

A patio is a great place to sit back and relax, but if your house has neighbors nearby, you may not enjoy all the privacy you want. You can enhance your outdoor leisure experience by building glass patio enclosures for your patio. It is an excellent weekend-do-it-yourself project.

Attractive Glass Sunroom Additions

Attractive Glass Sunroom Additions


12 Inspiration Gallery from Building Glass Patio Enclosures

Image of: White Glass Sunroom Additions
Image of: System Glass Sunroom Additions
Image of: Small Glass Sunrooms
Image of: Sliding Glass Sunroom Additions
Image of: Review Glass Sunroom Additions
Image of: Inspiration Glass Sunroom Additions
Image of: Impact Glass Sunroom Additions
Image of: Glass Sunrooms Picture
Image of: Gallery Glass Sunrooms
Image of: Double Glass Sunroom Additions
Image of: Awesome Glass Sunroom Additions
Image of: Attractive Glass Sunroom Additions

Determine where your privacy screen will be placed. You want to take into account factors that were your patio, where your neighbors are, the future growth of trees and other vegetation (which could serve the same purpose as it grows). Mark out places for your support posts. You will place 4 inches of 4 inch posts in the ground to serve as support for your privacy screen. Measure out where to place them and mark the place with flags or marker spray paint. When measuring distance, measure from the middle of where each post will be.

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Dig holes for your posts. Make holes 18 to 24 inches deep. Mix ready-mixed concrete and place the posts in the holes so that the peaks are level with each other. Aim for a consistent height of about 6-1 / 2 meters above the ground for the top of the post, but remember that if your ground slopes you need to adjust it slightly for each post. Use your level and a tight string so that the tops of the posts are level with each other. Check the straightness of each post by applying your level on each page and straightening as needed. Support posts with a wooden support until the concrete sets. Allow at least 24 hours for the concrete to set.

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