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Choose a Pond Aerator Pump

Pond aerator pump – Ponds provide beauty to any real estate project, agricultural or gardening, and the maintenance of the pond is essential to keep it in good condition. An important method for pond maintenance is to aerate the water using a pond aerator pump. Pond aerators help oxygenate water, which reduces algae and scum and creates a healthy environment for fish, frogs and other natural wildlife.

Best Pond Aerators Ideas

Best Pond Aerators Ideas

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Decide what type of pond aerator pump you need. For example, pond aerators are of two types: surface and bottom aerators. Surface aerators sit on the surface of the pond and aerate through a process of churning or splashing. Surface aerators can aerate ponds up to 6 feet deep. Background aerators, however, infuse the bottom of the pond with oxygen. This oxygen is then elevated in the form of bubbles. If the depth of your pond is greater than 6 feet, select a bottom aerator.

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Select the number of aerators based on the size and shape of your pond. For example, any movement within the pond will create currents within the water. These currents travel in concentric circles, which bounce off the wall of your pond. If the pond is irregular in shape, these currents will bounce and create eddies and will not get around the corners or in the back channels. If the pond has hard-to-reach areas, select another aerator to aerate these areas.

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