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October 4, 2020 WICKER

Delicious Bread Basket to Start Your Day

Bread basket – Today finally breathe again and the air is fresh at this time of the morning!  So, taking advantage of the fact that the heat gives us a truce, I am going to suggest you turn on the oven once more to prepare a bread that will leave your guests very surprised! The bread is actually the homemade Bread recipe that I already published, what I’m going to show you today is how to give it a very nice shape perfect for a presentation 10!

Bread Basket Bamboo

Bread Basket Bamboo

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So here we go with the step by step of our bread basket! We prepare our bread (recipe homemade bread, white or village I think it always goes well). I have prepared for a kilo of bread so I have also 6 rolls to fill the basket. Stretch the dough with the rolling pin and with a knife or a pizza cutter cut strips and support those to a half circle mold covered with albal paper.

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Image of: Bread Basket Color
Image of: Bread Basket Bamboo
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Once the first vertical part is covered, we start to put the horizontal strips in a braided plan! And we continue to cover the whole mold. Now we bake about 22-25 minutes at 180ºC (be careful with the rolls that take slightly less). Let cool for a while and unmold. Once completely cold we fill it with our rolls and serve it or use it as an edible centerpiece!

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