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February 16, 2021 STORAGE

Garage Storage: Hang Storage Shelves for the Garage

Most people would like to have more storage space in their homes. One of the ways to achieve this is by installing garage storage. It can be a fun project for the weekend that almost everyone can carry out with a few simple instructions. And to hang storage shelves for the garage is an easy project. For the first, you must make a plan A few minutes of planning can save you time and avoid problems and frustration later.

Wood Garage Cabinets

Wood Garage Cabinets

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Gather your materials. Buy enough shelves garage storage ideas for the area where you are going to install them, taking into account your plan. To secure the shelves to the wall, buy brackets. Cut the material for your custom shelves. Surely the original length of the material will be different from the one you need. Use a beam detector to find the beams where you can attach the brackets to support your shelves. Mark the positions on the wall. Position the shelves according to your plan and mark the position where the support will go.

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Drill a hole using a bit that is a bit smaller than the screws you will use in the holder. Use a level to create a plumb line to help you align the position for the next screw. Use a level to mark where you will place the screw for the second support. Use the same technique to mark the holes for a third support or more, depending on your situation. Drill the holes and install the screws. Secure the garage storage shelves to the support using screws.

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