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August 3, 2020 POND

How to Build Simple Small Pond Fountains

Small Pond Fountains – They are the highlight of any garden. Simple ponds may contain some fish, plants and if there is enough space, even a small fountain. Simple ponds are no more than 2 feet deep and 10 feet in diameter. If you only have a small garden and do not want to spend much time with maintenance, a simple pond will be ideal for you.

Water Fountain For Small Pond

Water Fountain For Small Pond

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Mark a circle 10 feet in diameter in your garden using a tape measure. Pour sand around the periphery of the circle. Dig a 2-foot deep pond using a sword within the sand line. Keep the depth of 2 feet around. Check that the edge of the pond is level throughout the pond. Lay the polyethylene sheet in the trench. Mix the concrete mix with a concrete mixer. Put the concrete at the bottom of the pond. Place a 3-inch thick layer of gravel around the edge of the pond.

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Place a piece of leftover polyethylene liner on the base of the pond to prevent water from damaging the concrete while filling the pond for the first time. Fill the pond with a hose. The objective of the water in the polyethylene liner remains. Leave the water in the pond for a week. Then Place water plants, fish or frogs in the water. If you keep the frogs in the water, place some large rocks in the water near the edge so that the frogs can jump out of the water.

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