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November 4, 2020 Ideas

How to Fix a Fridge Fruit and Vegetable Basket

A sharpener drawer refrigerator creates a slightly higher humidity to keep fruit and vegetables from drying out quickly. Cracked sharper boxes and broken guides make it difficult to slide a fruit and vegetable basket in and out to retrieve chilled foods. A cracked box does not protect the food or maintain the proper moisture level. Repair a refrigerator box to reclaim all the interior spaces and food saving features the appliance has to offer.

Black Vegetable Basket

Black Vegetable Basket

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12 Inspiration Gallery from How to Fix a Fridge Fruit and Vegetable Basket

Image of: Wooden Vegetable Basket
Image of: Wire Vegetable Basket
Image of: Wicker Vegetable Basket
Image of: Vintage Vegetable Basket
Image of: Unusual Vegetable Basket
Image of: Traditional Vegetable Basket
Image of: System Vegetable Basket
Image of: Small Vegetable Basket
Image of: Image Vegetable Basket
Image of: Fruit and Vegetable Basket
Image of: Chinese Vegetable Basket
Image of: Black Vegetable Basket

Remove the fruit and vegetable basket from the refrigerator and remove all contents. Remove and replace box guides that have broken out and no longer support the weight of the box. Some sharper box guides easily snap into place while others require a screwdriver for installation. Wash broken fruit and vegetable box with liquid detergent and a soft sponge. Dry all surfaces of the fruit and vegetable box with a kitchen towel. Roughen up the areas of damage to the box with fine sandpaper so that the glue attaches better.

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Apply a small amount of plastic glue or strong epoxy to the broken area. Smooth the glue into cracks and remove excess with a wooden craft stick. You can choose to use clamps to hold the pieces in place while the adhesive cures according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Smooth the areas of dried glue with fine sandpaper. Wipe the adhesive dust with a damp sponge. Slide the fruit and vegetable box into the refrigerator and fill it with fruit and vegetables.

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