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December 26, 2020 POND

Ideas of Lotus Pond

Getting a lotus plant to bloom is not difficult. Lotus pond grows in the soil at the bottom of ponds and pots. Different types of lotus require different size growing areas. Some lotus need 10 to 12 meters of water surface for healthy growth. Other varieties can grow with only 2 to 3 meters of water surface. Choose a variety of lotus suits for your pond or container.

Concept Lotus Lake

Concept Lotus Lake

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Outdoor Dams

12 Inspiration Gallery from Ideas of Lotus Pond

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Image of: System Lotus Park Hyderabad
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Image of: Picture Lotus Pond Phone Number
Image of: Original Lotus Lake
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Image of: Design Lotus Pond Hyderabad
Image of: Concept Lotus Lake
Image of: Ancient Lotus Pond Phone Number

Growing a lotus plant for flowering in a pond is possible when your pond is either wholly or partly in direct sunlight. If your dust only gets full sun in a certain place, plant your lotus there. Lotus plants require full sun. Buy or order lotus plants based on your local climate zone. Lotus can become invasive. If you plant lotus in a natural pond or lake, plant the lotus inside of the container to limit its spread. If you live in a zone cooler than your lotus “rating, move it inside the fall in an indoor pot.

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Outdoor Pots

Many lotuses, especially the smaller varieties, can grow well outdoors in pots. Make sure your lotus pond is in full sun to give your lotus the best chance of producing larger and more numerous flowers. Container-grown lotus can do well in pots that have one foot or so of soil in the bottom with the rest of the pot being filled with water. When planting your lotus, lay the soil, then add the water. As the soil and water will mix, let the soil sink before planting your lotus into the soil. A day or two should suffice. Soil that is rough can take less time than soil that is finer.

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