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September 5, 2020 DOOR

Install Costco Garage Doors Spring

Costco garage doors – The coil springs on the garage door are a key part of your assembly, especially if you have an automatic door. If the springs are not installed correctly, the opener will have to exert more force to lift the weight of the door, which can damage the garage door and the tracks that hold the door. Over time the springs can stretch and lose tension, so it may be necessary to replace them with new ones. Locking the garage door in the down position so that it does not rise while adjusting the tension of the springs.

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Slide the coil springs over the bar that runs along the center of the garage door. Orient they so that red is on the left side of the garage door and black are on the right. Slide a cable drum into each end of the bar. Locking the cable drums in place by tightening the fixing screws. Place the springs in the center of the bar and tighten the retaining screws in the center cone.

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Insert the end of an investment bar into the hole in the end of one of the coil springs. Pull the bar up until it becomes a quarter of a revolution. Check the instruction manual of the garage door to find the recommended voltage. A general pattern is one revolution per foot length of the garage door. Go to the other spring, and repeat this process until the tension in both springs is equal.

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