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January 15, 2021 POND

Pond De Icer for The Winter

Keep in mind that each garden pond is an individual ecosystem with its own peculiarities and needs. Despite all the precautions something unforeseen can always happen, which is why you should not forget the existence of the pond de icer during the winter. With winter temperatures it is essential to take measures to protect the pond and fish. The pond fish in winter mainly need oxygen and tranquility. With water temperatures between 4 – 6 degrees Celsius, most fish in the pond search for the hottest layers of water and move very little.

Diy Pond Heater

Diy Pond Heater

As a rule, pond water in winter tends to have a temperature around 4ÂșC at a depth of 1.5 meters, even if the surface is frozen. So, using best pond heater can be option. Sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water is of vital importance also in winter, especially for fish. If the pond has Oxydator Wor Oxydator Maxi, nothing needs to be done, since Oxydator will continue to generate oxygen even if the surface of the pond is completely closed by a layer of ice.

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If, despite all the preventive measures, the whole surface of the pond is frozen, it is preferable to pour hot water on the ice instead of abruptly breaking the ice, which could affect the fish and the pond. Or can also by using diy pond heater. Fish can overwinter in the pond if the minimum depth of the pond is 80 cm. In case of frost the times will look for deeper layers of water to avoid being frozen. It is not necessary to feed the fish in winter, as they are half lethargic and do not require food.

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