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June 10, 2021 House Ideas

Repurposed Western Bathroom Vanities

Western bathroom vanities – Recycling furniture is eco-friendly and wallet-friendly practices that can result in unique, personalized pieces for your home. When it comes to redecorating your bathroom, you can use some simple techniques to transform an old vanity in a completely different piece of furniture, or else create a new vanity from a repurposed table, desk, dresser or chest of drawers.
Release the adhesive joints between the cabinet and western bathroom vanities top base with a chisel. Remove the top. Remove cabinet doors and hinges and paint or refinish the inside and outside of the cabinet. Apply a bead of adhesive caulk the top of the cabinet and place a pair of hinged shutters, a large beverage washer, a marble top or other flat object over the adhesive. Use vain as a side table, kitchen island or night stand. Use the cabinet bottom for open storage.
Create a new Vanity
Select an old console table, a low dresser or desk, and a coordinating vessel sink. Place the sink on top of the western bathroom vanities base. Place it exactly where it comes to rest. Leave space behind the sink faucet. Mark the drain hole and remove the bowl. Cut the drain hole of furniture with a hole saw the same diameter. Install drainage system under the sink installation instructions. Connect the drain to the existing sewer. Measure the tap and cutting a notch or a hole from the space behind the sink. Install the faucet and connect the water pipes. Install a towel bar or decorative hardware on the front of the piece.
Place a chair, bench or stool in vain to make your makeup, hair, or to perform other grooming tasks. Wicker, wood or fabric in the stool should mimic other areas in the bathroom, such as disk accessories, towels or artwork. Place decorative storage containers on the western bathroom vanities counter if the items cannot be stored elsewhere. For example, a modern bathroom includes glass and stainless steel containers that hold cotton balls or other items that you use frequently. Keep your items in a basket or container behind a door, on a shelf or under the sink if possible.
Add a small bud vase, potted plant, candle arrangements or perfume bottle collection of western bathroom vanities. Use fewer objects for a small vanity or bulky items for an expansive vanity for balance. Arrange decorative accessories in a way that is visually interesting yet not take up the whole vanity. The space should be easily accessible and usable. For example, a small vase or plant sit to one side of the vanity, particularly at the corner of a wall of a side, and a small collection of decorative perfume bottles sit on the other side.

Western bathroom vanities

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